British Foreign Policy 1815-65

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Alexis Soyer's Army Receipts [Recipes]


Head-Quarters, Crimea, 20th June, 1855.

Place twenty stoves in a row, in the open air or under cover.

Put 30 quarts of water in each boiler, 50 lbs. of ration meat, 4 squares from a cake of dried vegetables - or, if fresh mixed vegetables are issued, 12 lbs. Weight - 10 small tablespoonfuls of salt, 1 ditto of pepper, light the fire, simmer gently from two hours to two hours and a half, skim the fat from the top, and serve.

It will require only four cooks per regiment, the provision and water being carried to the kitchen by fatigue-parties; the kitchen, being central, instead of the kitchen going to each company, each company sends two men to the kitchen with a pole to carry the meat.


In which no eggs or milk are required: important in the Crimea or the field.

Put on the fire, in a moderate-sized saucepan, 12 pints of water; when boiling, add to it. 1lb. of rice or 16 tablespoonsful, 4oz. of brown sugar or 4 tablespoonsful, 1 large teaspoonful of salt, and the rind of a lemon thinly pealed; boil gently for half an hour, then strain all the water from the rice, keeping it as dry as possible.

The rice-water is then ready for drinking, either warm or cold. The juice of a lemon may be ntroduced, which will make it more palatable and refreshing.


Add to the rice 3 oz. of sugar, 4 tablespoonsful of flour, half a teaspoonful of pounded cinnamon; stir it on the fire carefully for five or ten minutes; put it in a tin or a pie-dish, and bake. By boiling the rice a quarter of an hour longer, it will be very good to eat without baking. Cinnamon may be omitted

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