1986 (?)- 12 September 2007

No - not the Duke: this was our old boy. He was terrified of people and never really liked men. He came in through the cat-flap into the garage in 1992 when he was about five years old - a grubby, dishevelled puss who didn't seem to have much idea of how to groom himself. Then he became really ill; once he was cured and "dealt with", he decided to come into the house, and there he stayed. He and Suzie were good friends but Wellington never became too close to Raq, no matter how hard the dog tried to make friends. Wellington had a melanoma on his nose and became increasingly creaky and grumpy. The cancer spread and now he is gone.

While he was still with us, Cleo was "hanging round" and is now our resident "lady". In June 2008 she was joined by Magnet, a black Labrador puppy.

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