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The Station Inn, Rotherham

This public house was where the local Chartists met and where James Allen was the landlord. He overheard some of the plans for the "Sheffield Plot" of 11 January 1840 and reported them to John Bland, the Chief Constable of Barnsley, and to Lord Howard, the Lord Lieutenant. As a result of Allen's evidence many men were arrested including Samuel Holberry, who was sentenced to four years' imprisonment. Allen was forced to leave the country, while Bland and Howard kept their roles quiet. In February 1840, five hundred special constables were sworn in at Sheffield alone to deter threats of rioting.
The Station Inn was built across the road from Westgate Station, Rotherham - hence its name. The railway no longer exists and the public house has had many changes of name over the years.
The photographs were taken by the late Mary Webb. Mary loved learning about history in all its many guises. She was very knowledgeable about local history and was deeply involved with local affairs. It was a privilege to have known Mary; she is sadly missed.

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