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Sir Robert Peel was one of the most important men in Britain during the Nineteenth Century. He became an MP in 1809 and became Home Secretary in 1822; he dominated parliament throughout the period 1830-50. Peel was responsible for the establishment of the Metropolitan Police Force in 1829 and was Prime Minister for a short time in 1834-5. His second ministry lasted from 1841 to 1846.

Peel has been seen as both the founder and betrayer of the Conservative Party and also as the real founder of the Liberal Party. He has been accused of having no principles because he changed his mind over three important issues: Catholic Emancipation (1829), the Reform Act (1832) and the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846). On all three matters he vehemently opposed the proposals for reforming legislation until he felt that he could continue no longer; he then accepted the necessity for, if not the desirability of, change. His second ministry fell as a result of the repeal of the Corn Laws. Historians continue to debate the reasons for Peel's policies.

This web site covers many social, political and economic issues in the period 1830-50 and was written for A Level History students studying this period. For a "quick view" see the Overview of this site. For more detail, see below. Many of the links go to further topic pages.

The Peel Web continues the story begun in another, related web, The Age of George III

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