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This cartoon was sent to me by Bill Webber, to whom I am most grateful

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The character in the sedan chair says, "Mighty like a walk, this, after all".

This cartoon was published in May 1829, by Thomas McLean in the Pall Mall magazine.  "Paul Pry", the cartoonist was actually a a man called William Heath.  The man in the sedan chair (who is having to walk, since there is no bottom in the chair) could be Daniel O'Connell. The Catholic Emancipation Act had just been passed and he thought that he could take the seat as MP for County Clare which he had won in the election of 1828, but was told that he had to stand for re-election because when he had been elected, Catholics could not take their seats at Westminster.

The man at the front of the sedan chair could well be the Duke of Wellington.  The nose is very prominent, and Wellington was the man responsible for the passing of Catholic Emancipation.  If he _is_ Wellington, perhaps the man at the back in Robert Peel (later Sir, and later also, PM).  Perhaps O'Connell is having to walk because he needs to be re-elected??

If you have any further information, I would be very glad to receive it.

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