The Age of George III

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Pitt in Peacetime: a timeline

1783 Treaty of Versailles
September:Britain recognises American Independence
December: Pitt the Younger becomes Prime Minister
1784 The National Debt stands at £250 million - 20 times the annual revenue from taxes
John Palmer established a mail service between London and Bristol
Pitt begins to reduce customs duties. The tax on tea is reduced from 119% to 25%
India Act
March: General election gives Pitt a working majority
1785 Pitt proposes a motion for parliamentary reform which is defeated
The Times is founded

Sinking Fund is established
Vergennes/Eden Treaty is signed
Britain takes Penang as her first colony in the Malay peninsula
1787 Warren Hastings is impeached
Hovering Act is passed
Window Tax is increased
1788 The Triple Alliance (Britain, Holland, Prussia) is signed, to guarantee European peace
Warren Hastings' trial begins
George III becomes ill and precipitates the Regency Crisis
1789 Regency Bill is passed; the king recovers
Mutiny on the Bounty takes place
14 July: Fall of the Bastille (France)
1790 Fox supports the French; Revolution; Burke opposes it
General election: Pitt continues as PM
1791 Canada Act. Canada is divided into Upper and Lower Canada
Thomas Paine publishes The Rights of Man (part 1)
Burke publishes An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs
Burke and Fox argue in parliament. They never speak to each other again
The Observer is founded
Pitt announces Britain's neutrality towards events in France and Europe
December: Founding of the Sheffield Corresponding Society - the first Corresponding Society in the country
1792 January: The London Corresponding Society is founded by Thomas Hardy
Thomas Paine publishes The Rights of Man (part 2)
Mary Wollstonecraft publishes Vindication of the Rights of Women
November: John Reeves sets up the anti-radical Association Movement
December: Manchester radicals are attacked by a loyalist crowd
1793 February: France declares war on Britain so Pitt reciprocates
The Board of Agriculture is founded with Arthur Young as its first secretary. Enclosures are encouraged
A Catholic Relief Act is passed

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