The Age of George III

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Pitt, Britain and the French Wars: a timeline 1793-1806

1793 Scottish radicals go on trial
The Board of Agriculture is set up with Arthur Young as its secretary
February Britain enters the French Wars
1794 May Pitt suspends Habeas Corpus
July The Whig party finally splits. Most join Pitt but Fox still has some support.
Admiral Howe defeats the French navy in a battle in the Channel
Britain occupies Corsica: Nelson loses his right eye
1795 The Speenhamland system of poor relief begins in Speenhamland
Warren Hastings is acquitted of treason
Food riots and widespread economic distress because of the French Wars and high food prices
December Treasonable Practices Act is passed
Seditious Meetings Act is passed
Britain acquires Cape Colony from the Dutch
1796 Peace proposals between Britain and France fail
Edward Jenner begins to vaccinate against smallpox
Spain enters the war on the side of France
Britain takes Ceylon from the Dutch
1797 Edmund Burke dies
Unlawful Oaths Act passed
Income Tax is introduced
February Pitt suspends cash payments by the Bank of England
April Mutiny at Spithead
May Mutiny at the Nore
1798 Taxes on newspapers increased
Wolfe Tone and the United Irishmen's rising takes place
Malthus publishes his Principles of Population (text here)
Nelson wins the Battle of the Nile
The second coalition against France is constructed
1799 Income Tax is collected for the first time
Combination Acts are passed
1800 Robert Owen's model factory at New Lanark is founded
Combination Acts are revised
Richard Trevithick invents a steam engine
March The Act of Union with Ireland is passed
1801 March Pitt resigns because the king will not consider Catholic Emancipation
Addington becomes PM
Nelson wins the Battle of Copenhagen
Habeas Corpus is suspended again
First Census is conducted
1802 Peace of Amiens is signed between Britain and France
Cobbett founds the Weekly Political Register
The Whig periodical, the Edinburgh Review is founded
Health and Morals of Apprentices Act is passed by parliament
Bentham publishes his Civil and Penal Legislation in which he advocated the Panopticon
1803 The Peace of Amiens collapses and war between France and Britain resumes
1804 April Addingon resigns and Pitt resumes office as PM
Spain declares war on Britain
Wiliam Blake publishes his poem Jerusalem, attacking industrialisation
1805 The third coalition against France is formed
21 October Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson is killed
1806 A cotton mill becomes the first place to use gas lighting
January Pitt dies
The "Ministry of all the Talents" (or the Fox-Grenville Coalition) is formed under Lord Grenville. Fox is Foreign Secretary, holding office for the first time since 1783.
September Fox dies
November Napoleon introduces the Berlin Decrees, starting the Continental System
December A general election strengthens the government

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