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Contemporary illustrations of conditions in the mines

Candle lighting in the mines. Here, the truck has wheels. Notice the hewer on the left of the picture.

Two boys push a coal truck while the trapper opens the ventilation door

A girl pulls a coal truck using the "girdle and chain"



These boys are moving a coal corve on a sledge using the "girdle and chain"

Young girls also pulled corves

This coal truck is so heavy and the slope is so steep that it takes three young men to push it.

This girl is carrying a single slab of coal, using a strap to hold it

This girl carries a basket of coal


The dangers of climbing ladders whist carrying coal in baskets, is obvious

This hewer (or 'getter') is digging out the coal

This cartoon was published in Punch on 29 July 1843. The comment was

'It is gratifying to know that though there is such misery in the coal mines, there is a great deal of luxury results from it'.

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