British Foreign Policy 1815-65

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Timothy Gowing

I am grateful to Jim Kelleher, Chief Clerk, The City of London HQ RRF for this information and the images

Timothy Gowing was born on 5 April 1834 at Halesworth in Suffolk. He was the son of John Gowing a Baptist minister. Gowing was attested at Norwich for the 7th Royal Fusiliers on 28 September 1854, with the Regimental Number 3387. He was aged 19 years and registered his occupation as 'Shoemaker'.

His regimental record reads:

Promoted Corporal 19 December 1854
Promoted Sergeant 29 January 1855
Promoted Sergeant 1 September 1857
Appointed Colour Sergeant 1 September 1861
Re-engaged at Ferozepore 3 May 1864
Promoted Sgt Major 26 July 1866
Tried by Court Martial and reduced to Private 3 September 1869 (this was the year in which seven of his eight children died in a single day, from cholera, and his wife almost died - it has been suggested that these events and the Court-Martial might be connected)
Transferred to 1/5th Fusiliers 24 December 1869
Transferred to Unattached List 17 January 1870
Promoted Sergeant 17 January 1871
Promoted Garrison Sgt Major 1 September 1872

2013 Garrison Sgt Major 1/5th Fusiliers ( Unattached List )

“His conduct has been very good. He was when promoted in possession of three good conduct badges, and would had he not been promoted been in possession of four good conduct badges.

He is in possession of the Crimean Medal with three clasps for Alma Inkerman and Sebastopol. The Turkish War medal and the Indian war medal with clasp for Umbeyla.

He is not in possession of a school certificate. His name appears once in the regimental defaulters book. He has been once tried by a Court Martial.

He has been wounded twice in the head and hand at the storming of the Redan on 8th September 1855”.

Gowing applied for discharge at Allahabad on 22 February 1876 and was discharged at Netley on 13 June1876, aged 40 years.

Height - 6 Feet
Complexion - Fresh
Eyes - Grey
Hair - Slightly Grey
Intended Place of Residence - Pension Office Norwich

Gowing's discharge papers are for 5th Foot, the details for his service with 7th Fusiliers only give his promotions and demotion, followed by his rise up the ranks again. It would appear that any earlier papers did not survive.

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