The Age of George III

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Ireland from 1760-1830

Selective Time Chart

1760s beginning of expansion of corn growing
1768 Grafton's government announced that the Lord Lieutenant was required to reside in Dublin
Octennial Act
1778 Catholics allowed to own land if they took an oath of allegiance
1780 population of 4 million (est.)
Henry Grattan's "Declaration of Independence" was opposed by the Irish parliament as 'inexpedient'
1782 Rockingham repeals Poyning's Law and the Irish Declaratory Act
Grattan's parliament established in Dublin
Irish judges were granted the same security of tenure as their English counterparts
1780s/90s conflict between Protestant Peep O'Day Boys and Catholic Defenders
1791 Society of United Irishmen founded by Theobald Wolfe Tone and others in Belfast for religious equality and radical reform
1792 Catholic Relief Act removes restrictions on Roman Catholics in education, marriage and the professions they could follow.
1794-5 Earl Fitzwilliam becomes viceroy of Ireland and commits the government to Catholic Relief
First 'Orange Society' founded in response to sectarian fighting
1795 a state-aided seminary was established at Maynooth to provide Catholic clerical training
1798 abortive rebellion by the United Irishmen
1799 Act sets up virtual martial law in Ireland
1800 Act of Union abolishes Dublin parliament, allows Irish MPs to sit at Westminster and ends trade barriers
1812-18 Peel is Chief Secretary for Ireland
1814 formation of the Peace Preservation Corps
1815 end of the French Wars leads to collapse of corn prices, beginning of expansion of pastoral farming and of substantial Irish emigration
1816 partial failure of potato crop produces famine conditions in parts of Ireland. Relief Committees set up.
1810s/20s collapse of domestic textile industry
increasing poverty and reliance on potato for subsistence
1816 Ejectment Act makes process for legal eviction easier
1817 near-famine and mass immigration increase. (Details here)
1821 population about 6.7 million
1820s-1845 widespread rural unrest (Whiteboyism)
1822 formation of the Irish County Constabulary
further failure of potato crop. Major public works programme started to provide employment
1823 O'Connell's Catholic Association formed to fight for the right of Catholics to sit as MPs and hold public office (emancipation)
1826 Subletting Act attempts to stamp out subletting
1828 O'Connell elected at the County Clare election
1829 Catholic Emancipation Act
1831 National Board of Education was set up to promote a national system of elementary, secular schooling to attack widespread illiteracy and ignorance (both of which were perceived as caused of backwardness and unruliness)
1836 Irish Constabulary founded
potato famine
1838 Poor Law introduced to Ireland
Tithes Act removes a popular source of grievance
1840 'Young Ireland' founded
1841 population about 8.2 million
O'Connell's National Repeal Association established
1844 Young Ireland movement breaks away from O'Connell
Devonshire Commission report
1845 Maynooth grant increased
Irish National Education Board formed
1845-49 1845 partial failure of potato crop
1846-9 complete failure of crop leads to widespread deaths, evictions and emigration
1848 Young Ireland's abortive rebellion
1849 Encumbered Estates Act leads to massive land sales
1849 Tenant League formed demanding the 'Three F's'
1851 population 6.4 million
first meeting of the Catholic Defence Association

The University of Minnesota Law Library has put on line transcripts of the Penal Laws. They can be found here.
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