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How and why was the'Irish Question' different in the 1840s from that of the 1780s?

See also the topic page for Ireland before 1830.

Take 1780 and 1849 as the terminal dates.  Spaces have been left for any other ideas.




Ireland had its own parliament



The Irish parliament had to submit all legislation to Westminster for approval before it could be discussed





Irish Declaratory Act of 1719 was repealed in 1782

Population was rising



Catholics could not vote




Catholics could  sit as MPs


Catholics could not go to University





1838 Poor Law Act


Irish farming began to prosper


Absentee landlords



Rack renting





Repeal of the Williamite Penal Laws



1801 Act of Union


Increasing literacy among the Irish




1836 Civil Marriages Act


A police force existed in Ireland




Maynooth Grant

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